Why I Became a Muslim

I was born and raised as a Catholic for 20 years. I came to realize that some Catholic teachings are not biblical, so I began my own study and research. Looking for answers, I attended biblical and religious groups. This was where I began learning about other religions, opening my eyes to a lot of views. And that was where discovered Islamic religion.

In all honesty, I did not even consider Islam until I met someone who invited me to listen to their teachings. But as time wore on and I learned about Islam through the Holy Quran, I was convinced that this is the religion for me. This is the religion I have been seeking for, and this is where I will find peace and ultimate understanding about God. Thus, I began to embrace Islam.

In Islam, it is very clear that there is only One True God, Allah, unlike other religions that believe and praise many gods. We do not need intercession to reach God, nor do we praise and worship images or idols.

Muhammad is one of the prophets and messengers of God, whose character was very serene and perfect. He had a great mercy towards human beings, animals, and the environment. Reading about him not only helped me in understanding his life but also helped me in following his path. He opened my eyes to see not only the material things or other images I used to pray for, but to live simply and become a better person through faith and religion.

When worshipping, we do it in utmost devotion and sincerity. We never miss our prayer time no matter where we are or what we are doing. During the month of Ramadan, we do fasting not only to cleanse our physical body but as spiritual devotion. It showed me how passionate Muslims are in how they worship and pray, and it made me feel as if I were one with God during these religious practices.

I was looking for a life with contentment and inner peace, where I am satisfied through faith and not by material or ungodly things. Through living a life totally devoted to Allah and accepting Islam, I discovered something new and now embrace a whole new perspective in life.

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