Why French Burkini Ban is not Helping Peaceful Co-existence

One of the main issues we face today would be clothing, as it can differ from personal style, or even religion. An example would be a Muslim woman dressed from head to toe as a way to show their modesty.

But what happens when a Muslim woman is in a public place like the beach, where the norm is to wear something less than covered?

This is why some clothing manufacturers have released the burkini, a swimsuit covering everything except the hands, feet, and face. The burkini was made for Muslim women so they will be able to enjoy a nice day out in the beach or pool without going against their beliefs.

But in recent news, France has banned the burkini in public beaches. I believe that this ban is not helping peaceful co-existence AT ALL. It causes outrage and divisiveness, setting us apart from the Muslims. I feel like it makes them feel as if they were judged for their own beliefs.

It’s an anti-Muslim act, intensifying the negative stereotype that “Muslims are terrorists”. And that’s not true! We are all brothers and sisters, where we must respect other people’s choice of clothing AND religious beliefs.

Banning the burkini only shows racism more so than “safety”. After all, it isn’t the burkini showing a threat to public safety. It does not prove a risk, nor will it identify a terrorist. It only identifies that a Muslim woman is acting upon her religious beliefs through wearing what is accepted by her religion. And is that a bad thing? No! Despite our differences, we should not judge on the clothing we wear, but the acts we do.

Banning the burkini does NOT promote unity in diversity, it only heightens tension and trouble we want to avoid in the first place. It is also illegal and a violation of personal rights, which the government and its people are supposed to demonstrate concern to.

Basically, this banning of burkini does injustice to Muslim people. It does not show equal rights, mutual understanding, and respect of each other’s rights to choose freely his/her own piece of clothing. And I believe that no matter what explanation the government of France will give, it will not be a valid reason as to why it should be banned.

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